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My name is Luke Hutson, and I was born and raised in Twisp, Washington...

The Mason

I'm 40 years old, and I've lived in the Methow Valley my whole life. My one

absence was to apprentice for 8 years as a hod carrier for Thornley Stone and Tile in Spokane, as I learned how to become a mason and tile setter myself.


After returning home, I apprenticed for 5 years under Dave Christensen. I then had the pleasure of working with both Dave and Jim Monoghan, the Methow Valley's two leading Masons for the past 50 years. If you look closely around the valley, you'll find beautiful stonework ranging from fireplaces to veneers to patios. Rest assured that - if it wasn't me - one of these two men built those pieces! They were excellent teachers. Thank you, Dave and Jim!

I started Hutson Masonry in 2015, and was blessed to meet my beautiful wife and step-daughter the same year, completing my life and my business. Stephanie works as hod carrier and office manager, and my sweet step-daughter Lita does my striking. We all work hard together with the belief that it is imperative to be honest, responsible, genuine, diligent, and detailed.

I take pride in masonry, and love the work I do. There is nothing better than seeing the beginning stages to the end result of this trade, from a crumbling chimney restoration to a full-sized fireplace with the valley’s naturally carved Lost River river rock. Masonry is a truly unique trade that brings me fulfillment in every project that I work on. I have had the opportunity to work for some amazing local residents and businesses, as well as with the many excellent contractors that have built this community from the ground up. Thank you to my fellow contractors and builders!


Here in the Methow Valley, we are proud of who we are and what we do, and together - piece by piece, rock by rock - we make this small part of the world a gorgeous place to call home.

The Hutson Family
The Crew
The Teachers
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Dave Christensen
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