Whether you want it for shower walls or flooring throughout your house, tile is a great way to make a statement. The unique qualities of tile allow it to be arranged in many different colors and patterns, which make the variety of designs endless. 

Custom-Floated Shower Pans

Custom-floated shower pans are one of a kind, uniquely made for showers that are not fitted for the average shower stall molds (and for homeowners who want a shower pan that is the top-of-the-line). Our shower pans will last forever, are able to be completed with any shower floor's shape and size, and allow for any tile setting design that you can dream of.


From full-sized wood-burning fireplaces, to frames of stone around propane wall inserts, to hearths and backsplashes underneath and behind freestanding stoves - the customizations for each design are unique in every situation. Fireplaces are truly the centerpiece of homes that bring warmth and ambiance to a living room, dining room, bedroom, or recreation room and complete the grand scheme of one’s living space.

Outdoor Fire Pits, Kitchens, Pizza Ovens

Outdoor fire pits are a wonderful place to sit around the fire while enjoying smores with the kids or a romantic glass of wine with your spouse while stargazing. Outdoor kitchens and pizza ovens are another way to make a beautiful place to gather amongst family and friends, while enjoying the culinary arts, all in the great outdoors.

Chimney Caps & Repairs

Sometimes chimney repairs are needed because time and weather can take a toll on these structures. This requires an experienced mason to ensure safety and congruity when replacing stones or brick. The end result is having a solid, matching, and safe chimney.

Patios & Pathways

A flat stone patio can be used for a barbecue, staging a wedding, or entertaining in countless ways. They make a wonderful place to hold gatherings and create memories for a lifetime. Stone pathways and steps can add so much character to a garden space, a walkway, or a terraced yard needing a proper transition between the different levels.

Columns & Entryways

Columns are a neat way to decorate the posts of a gazebo, covered patio, or covered walkway. They also provide extra support, keep the post firm and upright, and also prevent wood rot. Entryway pillars can be any shape or design and are a creative way to add a homeowner's style at the entrance of their driveway. They can be the sides of a gated entryway, used to hold a name or address sign, or simply be a decoration piece.

Veneers & Mass Walls

A wainscoting of stone is a beautiful way to finish a home. Whether it's a river rock veneer on a log cabin, or a thin veneer of a similar color to the paint, a wainscoting really adds texture and depth to complete the exterior design of your residence.


Mass walls are another great statement piece that illuminates the layout of your landscape and/or the inside of a home. Mass walls can be amazing retaining walls and flower beds for visual stimulation and/or structural purposes, and can be used inside a house to create an eye catching separation between spaces.